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18 February 2014

Line-Up Changes / TMK Member Parted Ways

2013 have been a memorable struggling years for us. 
We've played many event, shows, gig etc. We enjoy our time together, having good times and the year past in a blink of an eye.

But, recently Matt (drums) & Clinton (bass) shockingly decided to leave the band. 
A decision has been made, it's an hard option for us... 
There's so much time we've spend all along the journey, we do everything, almost anything together but it's time to parted ways.

Not to say that we didn't try to make them stay, it's just that we didn't do all of that together again. 
Both are leaving with their personal reasons, we just can hope that they will be succeed in everything that they're doing. 
We do always love them, it's a loss to lose a potential teenager like them in the scenes. But surely, they will find their path to survive. They will find their own way, let us all blessed them sincerely. Honestly, the past 2 years with them is a great enjoyable days. 

We deeply thanked them for all the hard works and effort through the times in TMK from the beginning right after TMK relatives's trio stuck in a state of hiatus due to further their studies and shit.
They will not be forgotten, but will always be there to see both side in everything that may comes to our lives. Thanks for all the memories, may all of us be stronger than before.

                                                 ( RECENT LINE-UP )

                                                       NAME : Kvin
                                         BIRTH : 30th September 1991                                                                                         POSITION : Guitar

TRIVIA : The former ex-members in the band. At the beginning of TMK unofficial formation, he role as a guitarist and lead vocal for the band. Back then he's busy with further studies, so he was disbanded for a temporary time. Now it's an honour for us to having him back on the line! (m)x(m)

                                                          NAME : Rick
                                                 BIRTH : 17th April 1996
                                                      POSITION : Bass

TRIVIA : Also a drummer for his Punk Rock band, Fire Bomb. Recruited as bassist and the youngest member in TMK! Sometimes he'll changing position into drums whenever Felix (current drummer) is busy on a side-project band called The Rambos fusing in Modern Metal genre. The collaboration is both joined with the guitarist of Rebel Crash.

14 February 2014

TMK 1st Edition T-Shirt (Merchandise)

Black & White 

Art Designed By : Calvin (Dance On Your Grave)

Price : MYR25.00
Cotton Type : Gildan
Available Size : S,M,L,XL & XXL (Based On Orders)

Those shirt might be limited, so if you've got any inquiries kindly please contact us directly at TMK ON FACEBOOK.

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Any feedback or entries would be very meaningful, we appreciate it much! :)

25 November 2012

Upcoming Shows (15 December 2012)

We have a pretty cool event to share with you guys down here. Didn't find a quite suitable time to post any recent news for the moment, but here it is so take a look!


Featuring :

SABAH (North Borneo)

Penguasa Anjing



SARAWAK (South Borneo)

The Marmoset Kidz (TMK)

Liberal Liberalis

Wings Of Areilia

KnockXout (KXO)

Let's Change The Inertia

Daytime Drama (Death By Cupcakes Records)

And finally, NINE ELEVEN from France.

Do support our scenes, may the pride live among all of us. Many hearts from us here, chill!

Follow us here @themarmosetkidz and start your tweet to spread the news!

21 May 2012

Compilation Disc Released

Track also available @ BORN TO BOND (Compilation MMXII) for only MYR 2.00 (East Malaysia Only). You can buy or trade. Pretty nice, presenting Analegica, PolishitThe Marmoset Kidz & KnockXout. Get it from the bands NOW!

31 March 2012

Sessionist Drummer For ''Time Of Being Together'' Track Recording

Hi there peeps! Such a long long time since we didn't come out with any updates on the blog (because we never had time to do so). However, to announce the latest news recently we have one featured drummer in the band which we put our count for the coming soon demo recording. This info is simple, but let's check it out.

NAME : Felix
BIRTH : 16th September 1990
BAND : Rebel Crash
GENRE : Hardcore/Metalcore
POSITION : Drummer
LABEL : Unsigned
STREAMING LINK : Rebel Crash On ReverbNation

Love is fragile, but passion are forever... May this reminiscence stay young in our soul.